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Yangshun Tay

Ex-Meta Staff Engineer

Yangshun spent over 5 years at Meta and has conducted hundreds of interviews and hiring for his organization. He led engineering teams to build www.meta.com and www.oculus.com, created Docusaurus 2, maintained Flux, and contributed to Meta's open source projects like Lexical and Relay.

He is actively involved in the open source community and also an expert in technical interviews, having authored Blind 75, Front End Interview Handbook, and Tech Interview Handbook, which have amassed over 100,000 GitHub stars.

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FTL helped me take my resume from good to great. Improvements that could make the difference between a shortlist or otherwise were brought to my notice. The thing I loved the most, was the active effort the team took to understand my professional experience and goals and tailor my resume accordingly. Highly recommended.

Software Engineer, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I learnt a lot while revising my resume and I now have a more explicit goal for my career and what I should do to get there. I will recommend this service to my friends!

Front End Engineer, Auckland, New Zealand

I enjoyed working with FTL to give my resume the boost it desperately needed. Through the process, I learned what makes a resume stand out when targeting FAANG companies, which was very helpful. I was very impressed with how thorough the review was and how they even gave me some advice to make my resume much stronger. As an aspiring Android Engineer, it was great to have those tips on how to improve my skills through side projects. FTL is more than a resume review service, they really care about your career growth and development!

Software Engineer, Dallas, Texas

FTL clarified a lot of misconceptions I had about the internship search & hiring process. They also provided the invaluable insight of what FAANG hiring managers look for when considering promising candidates. Their rapid response times, combined with their concise answers, helped me perfect my resume in mere days and land a SDE internship at Amazon. This service certainly stands out among the rest!

Software Engineer Intern, Sunnyvale, California

This service was super helpful and well worth the investment! Not only did FTL help me address glaring issues with my old resume, but they also gave me comprehensive suggestions on how to improve my overall profile and land more FAANG interviews. My application-to-interview rate has never been higher!

Software Engineer, Cerritos, California

The Resume Review service was instrumental in improving my resume to better highlight my significant work experience. It has come a long way from my previous version. FTL was very friendly and helpful from the moment we first started communicating and even gave valuable career advice on Software Engineering. In short, I recommend the service. Thanks for your help, FTL!

Software Engineer, San Diego, California

FTL made my resume a lot more clear and more detailed, they also explained the ideas behind each section of my resume. Prompt revision, excellent service, super worthy!

Software Engineer Intern, London, UK

FTL transformed my previously lacklustre resume into a well-structured one with impactful skill showcases. Their tailored advice, practical strategies and tips, brought a new level of appeal to my resume. I've learned a lot from their approach to resume review, and I believe it will continue to benefit me in my future job search.

Software Engineer Intern, Toronto, Canada

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  4. We provide tailored and comprehensive suggestions on how to improve your resume, overall career profile, and possible next steps to maximize your career growth and trajectory.

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  1. Upon successful purchase, please send copy of your latest resume (preferably Google Doc format) to faangtechleads[at]gmail.com.
  2. 1:1 Career guidance and mentorship, including profile review, understanding your timeline and objectives, recommending a learning roadmap and projects, answering questions, internship or employment opportunities will be shared.

Frequently-asked QuestionsHere are answers to your commonly asked questions

What differentiates you from other resume review/career coaching services?
Many other resume review services are overly generic and not targeted at Software Engineers. In fact, some of our customers have used supposedly *top resume* services before and they very much prefer our service, which is tailored towards nailing the tech job application. Moreover, how common can you get review and advice from ex-FAANG employees?
I'm not applying to a company in the Bay Area - will this still be helpful to me?
Based on our experience, these templates and advice should be helpful for FAANG company applications regardless of region. Many applications to FAANG companies in the Bay Area come from international applicants anyway.
Why should I buy this?
This is one of the rare few, organized resume resources from experienced ex-FAANG hiring managers. Our packages also cost less than 10% of a typical entry-level Software Engineer's monthly salary. In fact, the resume templates package costs less than or equal to a typical hourly salary. If you don't get shortlisted by your dream tech company, you are leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the table.
I'm an aspiring software engineer but am starting with no knowledge of programming or Computer Science - can I still get help?
Yes you can - and in fact you have landed at the right place. We can mentor you to become a full-fledged Software Engineer and get a job at top tech companies - regardless of your experience or profile.

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