Projects include technical efforts done on the side, usually outside of your work. This includes software libraries, useful websites/tools, a technical blog/writing, hackathon projects, etc.

Having projects demonstrates your passion for the craft and is a huge positive signal, especially if the projects are impactful. Bonus points if the recruiter/hiring manager has heard of it or even used it before! Personally as hiring managers, we are especially impressed by Open Source contributions, even more so if the open source work is in technically complex code bases. Open source code with significant usage tend to be of good quality and well-designed so as to cater to the various use cases. It takes courage to put one's code out there for the world to see and use.

Note that having projects on your resume is entirely optional if you already have some working experience. Truth be told, many people don't have time for projects, especially more senior folks with kids and don't have much time outside their full-time jobs to work on side projects.

Having projects can be used to make up for the lack of working experience in a certain domain:

  1. Undergrads who don't have too many internship experiences.
  2. Engineers looking to switch fields but don't have the opportunities to do so at their work. E.g. Full Stack engineer wanting to move to Mobile or Machine Learning.

If you find yourself in this situation, do consider creating some side projects to demonstrate your passion and experience for the new domain.


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