Work Experience

For people who have been working for a while now, this section is the most important and is the meat of your resume. In most cases, this section should take up half the length or more of your resume, hence you should pay the most attention to this section. For college students without much internship experience, if you have significant projects, the Projects section could take up as much space as the Work Experience section.

The goal of this section is to show your value to future employers through how you contributed significantly to your existing/past company's business goals. Each working experience should contain the role/title, company name, start/end date, and a list of accomplishments/responsibilities in bullet points.

The most common mistake people make here is to not elaborate on their experiences and achievements. Many people trade stocks, how do you differentiate between the common retail investor and Warren Buffet? The difference lies in the scale and the outcomes. Elaborate on your experiences and achievements sufficiently to convey the scale, complexity, and impact.


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